Where can I test for COVID-19?

When departing from the Heydar Aliyev International Airport on special flights performed by Azerbaijan Airlines, passengers can be tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) in the following clinics and laboratories in Azerbaijan.  Note that our airline accepts only certificates with PCR testing results.

  • Referans Laboratory

    Address: Baku, 8A, Mirzabala Mammadzade St.

  • Leyla Medical Center

    Address: 19, Yusif Safarov St. , Baku

  • Memorial Clinic

    Address: 38A, Gara Garayev ave. , Baku

  • “Bona Dea” Hospital

    Address: 2, Mehdi Abbasov St. , Baku

  • Center for Control of Especially Dangerous Infections

    Address: 159, Mammadali Sharifli St. , Baku

  • City Polyclinic #1

    Address: 8 Bulbul ave., Baku

  • City Polyclinic #10

    Address: 176 Azadlig ave., Baku

  • United City Hospital #18

    Address: 11 Nasimi St., Baku

  • Caspian International Hospital

    Address: 31, First Residential Area, Badamdar Village, Baku

  • “Sağlam Ailə Ultralab” Center

    Address: 156C, Asif Məhərrəmov St., Baku

    in Ganja: Azerbaycan bayragi St.

  • INCI Laboratory

    Address: 40, Bul-Bul ave., Baku

  • Inci Laboratory Ganja branch (New Medical Center in Ganja)

    Address: 23, 28 May str.

  • Baku Clinic (Baku branch)

    Address: 493 Hasan Aliyev St., Baku

  • Baku Clinic (Sumgayit branch):

    Address: 1st Microregion, N. Narimanov St., Sumgayit

  • Baku Health Center

    Address: Baku, Nasib bey Yusifbeyli str., 112 Azadlig ave.

  • Central Neftchilar Hospital

    Address: 21 Yusif Safarov str., Baku city

  • Central Customs Hospital

    Address: 118 K.Kazimzade St., Baku

  • Oksigen Clinical Hospital

    Address: 1959th district, Narimanov region, Baku

  • Medilux-1 LLC

    Address: Narimanov district, Kral Huseyn str., 66B


    Address: 38, Hasan Aliyev St., Baku

  • "Medikus" clinic

    Address: 55 A. M. Sharifzadeh St., Baku

  • "Diaqnoz" Medical center

    Address: 38C Sarayevo St. Khatai district, Baku

  • Nasreddin Tusi clinic

    Address: 53, Hasanbey Zardabi St., Baku

  • "Modern Hospital"

    Address: 85k, Babek Av., Baku

  • Republic Diagnosis Center

    Address: 147 Tbilisi Av., Bak