Regulations for Crossing the Georgian Border in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

Georgian citizens or citizens of any foreign countries, traveling to Georgia are no longer obliged to present either Covid-vaccination certificate or PCR-examination negative result report from June 15, 2022.

The above requirements are provided by a third-party source and subject to change without prior notice. Please check the IATA Travel Centre, website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, and at before your flight to get the latest updates on the requirements at the country you are travelling from and arriving to.

For transit passenger(s), travelling via Baku (GYD) from the Georgia to other countries, the rules/conditions governing entry at the final destination of the transit passenger(s) shall be applicable.

If the destination country requires, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of negative coronavirus test in one of the branches of Synevo laboratory ( or to provide a certificate of a negative PCR-test result for COVID-19 which contains a QR code (the authenticity of which will be verified on the check-in desks).