Carriage of baggage on flights of Buta Airways

Ticket fares regulate the carriage of baggage and hand luggage  on flights of  Buta Airways.

Tickets purchased at minimum fare - "BUDGET" - do not include free  carriage of checked baggage or hand luggage.

The fare "STANDARD" allows  the carriage of checked baggage with a weight not exceeding 10 kilograms and the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm. Hand luggage is also permitted on a paid basis.

In addition, the following belongings are allowed for the carriage in the cabin of the aircraft free of charge:

  • Women's handbag or men's bag, or camera bag and laptop bag with size not exceeding 30*35*10 cm (use only as intended);
  • Jacket, coat or a raincoat, a suit in a harness (use only as intended);
  • A bouquet of flowers (should not exceed the allowable sizes of hand luggage);
  • Baby food, children's cradle, lightweight children's folding stroller (transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft) which may be necessary for passengers travelling with children;
  • Folding wheelchair (transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft) and crutches or walking-stick for the Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Umbrella and also some reading material in-flight.

Paid baggage spaces:

  • Hand luggage of unlimited weight, with the sum of three  dimensions not exceeding 110 cm (55x35x20 cm) - 25 euros (30 USD).
  • Baggage weighing up to 23 kg (inclusive), with the sum of three  dimensions not exceeding 158 cm - 25 euros (30 USD). When paying for a baggage at least three hours before the flight on the airline's website, as well as at sales offices and official agencies, it costs 20 euros (25 USD).

Detailed rules for the carriage of baggage is available here:

Declaration of responsibility for carriage of live animal  (PDF)