Questions and answers

What is the main advantage of Buta Airways?

Buta Airways is the first low-cost airline in Azerbaijan. The main distinguishing feature of a low-cost airline is that passengers can independently form the final cost of transportation. If hot meal, baggage allowance, seat selection and other services are included in the ticket price of a classic airline, the minimum fares of a low-cost airline only provide for the cost of direct air transportation. Other services, such as the carriage of hand luggage, extra luggage, seat selection and others, are offered separately.

How to contact your Call Center?

You can contact 24/7 Call Center of Buta Airways by phone or by e-mail. The international phone number of the Call Center: +994 (12) 493 14 14 (it is charged by the network provider as an international call). Hotline for calls from Azerbaijan: *0808 (for calls from landline and mobile operators). E-mail address: You can also contact us through the contact form on our website or WhatsApp messenger: +994 12 4374086 (only messages, calls are not accepted).

Can I choose a seat on the flight free of charge?

If the seat is automatically assigned by the system, based on the optimal placement of passengers in the cabin, it is provided free of charge. If you want to book a particular seat in the cabin, then you should pay for this service. You can book a seat also after buying a flight ticket through our Call Center.

What does priority seat mean?

These are the most comfortable seats in the airplane, designed for extra legroom, as well as those in the front of the cabin. Such seats can be booked when purchasing ticket on the website, and also by contacting the Call Center.

Is a baby stroller or wheelchair accepted for carriage free of charge on the flight?

Wheelchairs necessary for the movement of passengers during the whole time of travel are carried free of charge. Also baby strollers are accepted for carriage free of charge when traveling with children.

Is it possible to bring a backpack or a sports bag into the cabin?

Fares not including the carriage of hand luggage, handbags, backpacks, bags and other similar items can be taken to the cabin only on a fee basis. The carriage of belongings is free of charge, the list of which is available on our website

Can I carry pets on the airplane?

Transportation of pets (dogs, cats and birds) is allowed in a cage. The cage size should not exceed 55 × 20 × 40 cm and the weight of the cage with the animal should not exceed 8 kg. A pet is transported in the cabin according to the hand luggage rate. It is allowed to transport animals weighing from 8 to 75 kg (charged according to a checked baggage rate) in the baggage compartment. However, it is necessary to notify the Airline beforehand via the call-center.

Is it possible to buy an air ticket with Identity Card?

Air tickets are booked based on the requirements of the countries of departure and arrival. At present, exit and entry of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan is carried out according to a passport.

How do I add services to the existing booking?

You can make changes to your existing booking online on our website. To do this, please follow the Manage Booking link and enter the surname of the passenger, as well as the E-ticket number, specified in the itinerary receipt. You can add additional baggage to your booking, choose a seat in the cabin, as well as order individual hot meals. Please note that these changes can be made at least 24 hours before the flight departure.

While purchasing on the website, I confused the name and surname in places, or there was an error when specifying the passport number (phone, address, etc.). What can I do?

You can apply for help to our Call Center, our specialists will be able to correct mistakes. But we would like to bring to your attention that we cannot change the full name or surname, we can only correct typos.

I bought the flight ticket on the website, but I did not receive any confirmation. What is the reason?

After buying a ticket on the website of Buta Airways, an itinerary receipt is sent to the e-mail specified during the purchase process. There are two main reasons why an itinerary receipt is not received: the payment failed, or an invalid email address was specified during the booking. Contact our Call center to find out the status of your booking.

Do I need to bring an itinerary receipt for check-in at the airport and a credit card with which the ticket was paid on the website?

For check-in at the airport an itinerary receipt is not required, but we recommend to print it just in case. The check-in staff can also ask you to provide a credit or debit card (or a copy thereof) that was used for the payment of a ticket if the card information does not match the passenger's name and surname. Upon check-in, you must also have the original passport.

For check-in at the airport, I was asked for money! Is it normal?

Being a low-cost airline, Buta Airways offers a range of services only for an additional fee, including check-in at the airport and seat selection on the plane. You can check-in on the airline's website free of charge, as well as at the self check-in kiosks (available at Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport).

Is ticket refund available or can I change the date of departure?

Terms of refund and exchange directly depend on the terms of the fares on which the ticket was purchased. Detailed information on the terms of ticket refund and exchange is available on the following link.

I bought a round trip ticket, but I cannot use its first part, can I use a return ticket?

According to the rules of Buta Airways, if the passenger has notified the airline in advance that he/she will not be able to use the first part of the ticket, the second part of the ticket may be retained by the passenger. If the passenger is no-show for the first part without a notice, the airline does not guarantee him access to the return flight.

Will there be new flights to other cities and countries?

New flights, first of all, depends on the international aviation agreements and technical capabilities of the airline fleet. We are constantly working to expand and optimize our routing network. Follow the news on our website, as well as in social networks.

How can I complain about the quality of the provided services?

If you are unsatisfied with the work of the crew on board, check-in service and other airline employees, as well as the condition of our fleet and infrastructure, you can send a complaint to, and also through the contact form on our website. All complaints are reviewed by our experts. If necessary, an official investigation is conducted. Depending on the complaint, the time for review and response is up to 30 working days.