Refund and exchange of air tickets - Buta Airways

Buta Airways offers passengers air tickets on three affordable fares - "Budget", "Standard" and "Super", which differ in the terms of baggage allowance, maximum period of air ticket, as well as refund and exchange terms.

Air tickets on the "Budget" fare are not subject to refund or exchange, except for cases of forced return of air ticket (more).

Air tickets on the "Standard" and "Super" fares are subject to exchange and refund before the flight departure with deduction of 50 percent of the initial cost of the air ticket.

Detailed information about the differences in  fares is available on "Fares and services".

For refund of air ticket purchased online on our website, please contact the Call Center by calling +994 (12) 493 14 14, or by e-mail If air ticket has been purchased from a tourism company or agency, then for refund please, contact the appropriate travel agency. Refunded will be applied within 30 working days when you pay by a credit or debit card.

In case you notice a mistake in your air ticket right after the purchase, it may be refunded within three hours from the time of issuance, but at least 3 hours prior to flight departure according to the schedule. You should contact your ticket office or in case of online booking – contact our call center.